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Retail music made


  • Unlimited streaming​

  • Unlimited store size​​


  • Integrated advertising

  • Bespoke daily playlists

  • 100% legally compliant

  • No hidden fees

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Store Front

What we do

Our aim is to serve your business. Our team takes time to understand your customer demographics, business needs and goals.

This enables us to create bespoke music playlists and advertising, streamed directly to your stores.

Saleswoman in Boutique Store
Top View of a Shopping Mall

Expect us to


 Build the right atmosphere 


Keep clients in store longer


Engage with shoppers


Increase sales

Woman in Department Store
Open Sign

Spread the word

Pass key information on to your customers...

  • Opening Times

  • Special Offers

  • Security Announcements

  • Covid/ Health and Safety Messages

Organic Farmers Market
Security Camera
Brainstorming with Mask

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